Micro Tennis – On Court Blue

Do you as a tennis coach want to get a ready-to-go concept with 72 physical drills, 34 basic tennis drills with 2-12 variations of each drill, progressive development week by week over 2 years time and a red thread at Micro Tennis level? In that case, the book ”Micro Tennis – On Court Blue” may be the right book for you.


This book has emerged due to the absence of a well planned document for conducting serious training with children aged about 3-5 years. Children’s early years are very important for the child’s development as an athlete and later on as a healthier and more wholesome exerciser. An active child usually becomes more active as an adult too.

Research shows that at different ages, different elements needs to be trained in particular, but the foundation of all motor learning is that you learn new things faster the younger you are. But, the learning should be target-oriented, well planned and be conducted with research as its foundation.

That learning is done with joy and with elements of play is a must for children to feel a desire to learn new things.


The purpose of this book is to give the tennis coaches, who works with children aged 3-5 years, a well planed training system every week for 2 years. Through this book, coaches can systematically train their players step by step with the aim that the players learn to play with a broad physical base, with elements of tennis, which they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives, not just in tennis.

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